Why I’m glad Dragon Age 2 (partly) sucks

I’ve got a helluva lot of games I gotta play. I mean, seriously. Each time I tell myself I will play them as a reward once I finish my book, the list grows. And GROWS.

I was especially chomping at the bit this year to play Dragon Age 2, especially after the amazing (and time sapping) experience I had with Dragon Age: Origins.

DA:O had impressive writing, plot twists, and despite its flaws that epic touch which to me very few games achieve nowadays. It’s one of those games that actually had me tearing up at the end. Man, when I was faced with the critical choice of (SPOILER ALERT) having my character sacrifice himself at the bittersweet end, thereby abandoning my character’s lover to loneliness, I actually felt depressed for days afterwards. (END SPOILER)

This, from a person with the emotional expressiveness of a turnip. Damn you, Bioware, for making me care!

I became Dragon Age obsessed. I had to try out all the origins after completing my first playthrough. It made me replay the game as a wronged female noble (progressing) AND a dick of a male mage AND a kickass dwarf thief.

It made me fall in love with my companions, laugh at their pitch perfect banter…it made me believe they were alive, each and every one of them. I even paid money to buy the Dragon Age Ultimate Edition (which includes the game and a ridiculous amount of expansion packs both crappy and not), that to me is still so worth the price.

And heck, even now Leliana’s Song still gets me everytime ;P

So when I heard Dragon Age 2 was coming out, I was excited. I couldn’t wait. I jumped nearly every fucking hoop to get free game content. I religiously scoured the forums and websites to find out which of my male player companions would be the gay romanceable character ;P

I was jealous of the players who would get to play it first (since I’m too cheap to pay full price and would prefer to wait a few months when it is much more affordable ;P )

Then came the news that the game would be ‘revamped’ to have Mass Effect’s (annoying) conversation wheel.

And I got to play the demo. After the novelty wore off, I had to concede it was stylish and intriguing, sure. But I had misgivings playing a character who moved as if s/he was on mad monkey steroids during combat.


Now in an odd way, I have this warm little buzz in my shrivelled bitty heart that fans are griping about the dumbing down of Dragon Age 2.  Because it means the price will fall faster and I can get it for a low price 😀 Yes, I’m cheap (poor, and cheap).

I also find myself amused at the huge gap between critic and player opinion. I swear half the game reviewers must have been bribed or something, or had a gun stuck to their heads. How many games, according to metacritic, has a critic review rating of 82%, while users rate it 4.3 out of 10? And let’s not touch on outcries of Bioware employees supposedly writing positive reviews to bump up the ratings.

Notice that whatever people might say, I am still playing the game.

Come on, it’s Dragon Age. I’ll buy it, keep my expectations REAL low…and will likely have a blast.

In the meantime, here’s the other games – both old and new – I want to play / have yet to play:


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