A Poem of Impulse

Warning! Language and Amateur Poetry ahead 🙂

(For some reason I can’t make the bloody thing break up in lines of four. Ah well)


Give me a teleporter, a machine of marvels

bristling with balls and brass.

I’ll have it zip me over the fuck so fast

I don’t care if it cooks my ass.

Give me a spaceship, rickety or fine,

Patched with tough love and glue.

I’ll steal you with me to moons of wine,

then ravage stars named after you.

Give me wings of ostrich and gander,

the hellbike of a demon of despair,

I’ll gladly tear off the wings of an angel,

my love, to just breathe the scent of your hair.

Give me dragons or farkin’ Santa Claus,

Oh, thanks for the sleigh and elf lads!

There are plenty of people I’ll be a good girl for,

my dear, but only one I’m willing to go bad.

Look, just get me on a damn plane, because you know what?

There’s grey nights and shitty, shitty days,

When all you wanna do is hold that special one in your arms,

and everything goes the fuck away.



Filed under Depression, Leisure, Poetry, Writing

2 responses to “A Poem of Impulse

  1. Another poem. Good. Like your rhymes! Now next time don’t centre it. Thank you!

    • I thought it looked hideous aligned to the left, and I was more frustrated I couldn’t break up the, what do you call it, stanzas? 😀

      And yes, I amaze myself with all this poetry lately. I’m much more a prose person!

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