Nudged out of the Closet

For the past three weeks I have been attending this amazing creative writing class run by my ever fabulous friend Alison Summers. She heads adult education classes on creative writing, and lately she’s been running a series of workshops for a group of ladies at her own home. Since I hope to earn a possible living by teaching creative writing one day, I signed up for the five weeks mainly to study how she teaches.

It’s been a learning experience in more ways than one! Not only am I learning about teaching methods, but am also getting experience in close reading and other aspects of the writing craft too. I can’t wait for Alison to touch more on Pace and Shape, next week.

That, and the ladies happen to be such a delightful bunch. Listening to them read their work has been a pleasure, and it’s always nice to get out of my ‘writing closet’ and meet more people.

This Tuesday, thanks to Alison’s gentle but necessary prompting, I presented to the group my summary on Point of View and Narrative Positions. The response was surprisingly better than I hoped, and for some reason I was also complimented for my TEETH.

(My teeth? Wow! Mom, eat your heart out.)

So already I’m taking notes on how to teach better. I literally had hours to prepare for the presentation, and was struggling to find proper examples, especially in my temporary flat with a limited number of books at my disposal.

(Long story short, last Boxing Day the pipes burst in the neighbours’ flat, with the resulting flood pretty much destroying my landlady’s bedroom. With the builders fixing the damaged flats, we’ve been in temporary accommodation in a weekend getaway apartment. Which is actually looking to be a bit more permanent these days. I actually don’t mind so much. It’s a lovely place even with the limited storage. Judging by the amount of spoons snapping in half and glasses breaking and candle holders exploding from the heat, I’m not sure how long this weekend flat can survive us long-timers much longer 🙂

But anyway! I was quite pleased at how well that little presentation turned out. Getting experience teaching and reading in public is always good.

Now to see if do that with a class of my own.



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