The Only Way You Can Go is Up

I got another job rejection today.

I’ve decided to do a count ever since I started applying for work in this country, and have come up with the following statistics:

Rejections by Type of Industry since October 2010

Within Field of Experience

Bookseller – 3

Marketing/Communications – 3

Freelance Writing Work – 2

Outside Field of Experience

Retail – 3

Food/Restaurants – 3

Admin/Office – 2

Supermarkets – 2

These numbers are interesting because it looks as if I’ve been applying for jobs outside my field of qualification and experience. I then realise that although I have a Masters in Creative Writing, a (Malaysian) Diploma in Business Communications and nine years of (Malaysian) journalistic experience, those sort of jobs are few and highly competitive. Like shark-in-the-bloody-water competitive.

As for proofreading and editing jobs? Ditto.

On the other hand, there are plenty of restaurant and admin work out there…the trouble is I don’t have any recent experience. No employer is going to take someone who last did some waitressing or office job 15 years ago, in a foreign country. Then again, there are also companies that actually don’t mind those without experience, but I hear these tend to be leery of hiring the ‘higher educated’ candidates, the ones who look more likely to fly the coop the moment ‘something better’ turns up. Which gives me a sneaky idea, actually. But no, more on that later!

Anyway aside from that, the answer then is to train, or keep bidding for freelance writing work. I’m not going to touch on writing-related successes, or failures. That’s different. These are the bread and butter of every writer. Job-wise, though…I am going to have to be inventive. Smart. Imaginative. I must get off the beaten track!

It’s Just Bad Luck

A relative said something the other day that made me so angry.

I said, “I applied to a few jobs and I’m waiting for them to get back to me.”

And the relative said, “You can’t wait for them, you have to go out and find them!”

Which I had to concede he did have a point. Perhaps I was not looking hard enough. Until that person ruined the moment by ‘subtly’ asking if I’d thought of doing something with Avon.

I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I know. I’m doing all this job hunting in between writerly stuff. And besides, at the charity shop where I volunteer there is a distinctly gloomy air among the staff. People are talking about how bad the UK job market is right now, about how thousands of youths are graduating with no jobs available to them.

“It’s just bad luck, sweetheart,” Mom said to me on the phone, recently. “Just give it a try, okay? You have two years.” Less. “No harm in trying.”

On the plus side, I have amazing friends, a loving family, a book volunteer job I enjoy…AND one freelance writing project – the Edinburgh Tour thing. Oh, and three more companies willing to take me on in the next few months, as a volunteer.

I can’t give up! I can’t despair! I must keep going!


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