Attack of the Killer Bumps

Whoops! I should be writing today, but I just had to show this.

I was walking home the other day when I came across this weird black bump on the pavement. Two of them! They were the most adorable things in the world I’d ever seen. I don’t even know how I could have missed it, walking that same route twice a week.

Was it new? I never noticed!

Why was it shaped like… Well, look at it! It’s not particularly slender nor cylindrical.

It just inspires feelings of fuzzy ooziness.

“K-Ump rose from the deep, deep ooze where he had lain dormant for centuries. He emerged into the wet air, thrust his sensory nodules out to sniff, studied the lay of the land. How flat everything was. He crooned contentedly. The world was ripe for the taking.

“Then his ancient enemy Durty-Dawg sneaked up on him and lifted a leg.” 



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6 responses to “Attack of the Killer Bumps

  1. It makes me think of a mole snout–wait, no. I just looked up mole snouts, and besides scaring me a little, google confirmed that they look like nothing like this.

    Was I thinking opossum? Hedgehog? Anteater?

    Or maybe ever since I read Redwall, I have been holding on to a glamorous vision of mole snouts. This is where reading and watching cartoon gets you. D:

  2. I actually looked up mole snouts because of you. I am officially traumatised now 😉

  3. Molten bollards! Probably for skateboarders.

  4. Darnit, that is so unromantic. I demand you make up a short story about molten skateboarders now! 😉

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