Add Oil! Add Oil!

Beautiful old children's books at an Innerleithen bookstore.

‘Add Oil’ is a literal if amusing translation of the Chinese phrase ‘Jia Yu’. In sports events, students in Malaysian Chinese schools would cheer and scream this line to their team mates, basically telling them to GET A MOVE ON!

I have a new goal. I have decided to aim for the end of July to finish Malaysian Dark, and to finish revising the second draft by September.

It seems there is increased interest among publishers and agents for genre fiction, although the line between genre and literary works has been blurring for some time now!

These are exciting times. As soon as I finish various writing commitments this month, I plan to surge on with the writing. And then when I’m done, I am going to write Prince of Engmar as I’ve always wanted. Someone today told me they were intrigued by the premise of this fantasy world I’ve built, which is absolutely encouraging to hear. It’s nice to know I’m not barkers for going for it 😉

Yes! I am psyched! I can do it!



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5 responses to “Add Oil! Add Oil!

  1. Yay! You go girl! Add oil is a wonderful expression. Next time you are in Innerleithen you must go to Traquair House. It is full of Scottish history.

  2. I’ m being pedantic but the expression is “barking mad” or “bonkers” although I think “barkers” is an excellent addition to the language!

  3. Ooh, really? I kind of like ‘barkers’. Thank you! 😀

  4. I agree, I think there is a greater interest in fantasy or genre work now, they’re hot property on e-readers. And I’m not barkers.

    *scuttles back off to Major Project*

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments, Major Project or no 😉

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