Must. Not. Panic.

After a Skype chat conversation with my parents, I was fighting to breathe normally. They love me, I know they do, and I knew they were being practical. And they are right. They are not getting any younger. And I needed to earn rent money.

The message hit harder because I was feeling good yesterday, optimistic. I’d just submitted a short story somewhere, to possibly be performed in public. I was finishing a first draft. I was getting there. I knew I was.

I felt a bit better after submitting another application to Pizza Hut and KFC (I have a weakness for fried chicken ;P) and contacting Nando’s, with the manager kindly telling me to submit a CV at their restaurant. A farm I’d emailed a few days ago got back to me saying there were no vacancies, but would keep my details – I thought it was very nice of them to respond. The other day, I’d sent 12 applications to a sandwich bar.

Later I looked up street fundraising, and stared at the list of requirements if I wanted to apply:

Can I strike an instant rapport with people? Can I turn hesitation into action, reluctance into commitment? Can I take rejection on the chin, support my team mates, handle all weathers and put my message across convincingly? Well, can I? If it’s a resounding “Yes, Yes, Yes!” just fill in our–


Okay, get it together.  You can do this.

Make a list. Do it in order of priority.

Keep writing.

Update: KFC rejected me! Argh! I will never have fried chicken again! Boo hiss! …Mmm. Chicken nuggets…



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7 responses to “Must. Not. Panic.

  1. Amazon are looking for staff for their Dunfermline place. Probably worth checking that out. I think if you are considering the street fundraising job, you would be better off trying call centres–at least then you would be inside. You know how you hate the cold!

  2. Ha. You know me so well 🙂 And yes, I know about the Amazon job.

    I still say I have a bushy bright future with fried chicken…

  3. Mmm, chicken nuggets. For the longest time, I had no idea there were people who didn’t eat them with honey. What other way is there?

    You live in English-Land right now, right? Craigslist? As cliche as it is, if you manage to snag a couple-day fill-in position for a store associate or a secretary, they might pick you up or recommend a place to try. Keep aiming high and sending resumes everywhere!

  4. …Honey? *Eyes you*

    I be in Scotland, more accurately 🙂 Aye, aye, I shall keep trying!

  5. The revelation that not everyone does that was almost as awkward as my cereal conversation.

    “You pour hot milk in your cereal? But it gets soggy!”
    “It’s…not supposed to be soggy?”

    • Hot…milk? Brain…stalling 😉

      Heehee, that aside, someone made weird faces when I insisted tabasco sauce and cream of mushroom soup taste divine together 🙂

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