Mwahaha! Success! *Evil Laugh*

What, success? Did I finally get a job? Are agents rushing to sign me?!

Nay, my friends! It is written! After three months, Dragon Age 2 has dropped to £9.99 in Amazon! *Waits for thunderous applause*

Just imagine! A mere week ago it was still a ridiculous £18 or so, and now – only three months after its release – it is within my grasp! And by the time I finish the novel and all the expansions of Dragon Age 1, I can lay my hands on this sweet, sweet beast. My…preeeecioussss…

Okay, granted the sequel didn’t get the best reviews in the world, and the game will likely send me into fits of developer-rage, but it will be epic! It’s fricken Dragon Age!

Ahhh. *Pets the original game* How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I was browsing through the game screenshots recently, and in a burst of geekiness, decided to post a few to show why I love the first Dragon Age. (Spoiler Warning)

My first character in this “dark fantasy world” was as Auryn, a City Elf whose people live in the slums, subjugated by human lords who use the urban elf folk as cheap labour, or worse. That angle about repression struck a chord in me, and although I usually hate, hate, hate how elves are written in fantasy (“Lo! I am graceful! Watch me play this harp then shoot mine bow into this orc’s heart a mile away!”)…I astonished myself by playing one here.

Besides! Auryn’s origin story starts out as vaguely interesting. The game begins with what would be his wedding day. Which as anyone knows is a recipe for disaster.

Auryn on the left. I loved how nearly every human in the beginning looked down at my character, going 'What? You're a (mere) Elf.' Before I proceeded to kick everyone's arses and SAVE THE DAMN WORLD.

The sign of good writing in a game? When you really, really wanted to strangle this bastard who kidnapped your bride, forcing you to storm into the mansion of a human lord to save her before she is violated. The interesting thing is that if you choose to play an elven female instead of a male, you can break out of the mansion yourself and kick their teeth in after they murdered your fiance. Now THAT is emotional investment.

After weeks of playing, then finishing the game all cracked and emotional, I restarted the game, this time as a human. A young woman of noble origins I imaginatively named Aura.

Aura’s origin story starts off with her (my) father and brother going off to war, with Aura to be left in charge of the household, including of her sister in law and little nephew.

Foresight: I would have saved my character a whole LOT of grief if I had gutted the guy on the right.

Off to war: A final happy family gathering before the leave-taking.

And then things took a slight turn for the worse.

With nothing left for her back home, Aura is recruited into the Grey Wardens, an elite group with probably the harshest and most controversial initiation ritual ever. All necessary, it seems, because a horde of orcs and ogres--I'm sorry--Darkspawn are devouring the land.

Why, Treebeard! You look...good.

Mmmmmn. Alistair... Okay. I admit it. I played a female to romance this guy. Gah.

In all my years of playing, there are very few video games that have affected me so. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic  (KOTOR) was sheer epic drama. Planescape: Torment blew me away with powerful writing. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII made me cry, damnit. Dragon Age did all three, and despite its minor flaws I’m not sure there will ever be another game like it.

I’m still playing Aura, lately put on hold however until I wrestle down the writing. And the adventure goes on!



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2 responses to “Mwahaha! Success! *Evil Laugh*

  1. bloodsong

    hey, i hope the DA 2 was fun for you. 🙂 i did start to enjoy it, after a bit, though not in the same way as DAO.
    city elves rule! \,,/ i never liked hoity-toity elves either. but i played dalish, then city. i *really* loved those.

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