My Neck, It Creaks!

I just wanted to share these lovely curiosities which I stumbled across while working in the charity shop where I volunteer. Yes, instead of hauling books I was whipping out my camera.

It’s a booklet of images produced by one Otto Bromberger, first published in the 1890s. Turn the images upside down and you’ll get another picture.

I thought this was a lovely idea, and it reminded me of experimental novellas with a narrative where the chapters can be read backwards, from the ‘end’ to the ‘beginning’. A mind-boggling concept, and I suspect for those who like their stories really…arty.

Can it be possible to attempt this backward-narrative with something that has a plot? Makes me want to try something like this some time!



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3 responses to “My Neck, It Creaks!

  1. You should. The past is filled with things that are rife for a resurgence. 😉

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