I Have Been Infected

I totally blame a certain friend I shall call He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (cough) for my latest obsession – book swapping.

It all started so innocently…*Stares poignantly into the distance* —Actually I don’t know how it started, only that he told me about a site where people can list books they don’t need. You search for books you want, and make an offer to its owner by letting them choose from your list. If they accept, you send each other the goods. All you need to do is pay for postage. Simple! And all cheaper than Amazon.

I signed up, conscious of the fact I had a pile of books I needed to get rid of as I planned to bring back to Malaysia only the titles I could not live without. I didn’t really have very many titles I could swap however, probably about 20 I don’t mind letting go.

Maybe I’ll get a book or two, I thought, before putting the young adult novel, The Hunger Games, on my wish list. I went to bed.

The next day, a flood of offers filled my email inbox. Within a week, and I don’t know how it happened, but I found six books. SIX! In just a week.

The last one arrived today.

The books I’ve received so far are:

  • The Hunger Games – thanks to the Canary for recommending this wonderful title, am enjoying it greatly!
  • Sergei Lukyanenko’s Night Watch – a Russian urban fantasy I’ve always wanted to read but couldn’t afford.
  • Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice – I lost the ebook for this, grrr.
  • The Solaris Book Of New Fantasy – Research on how to write publishable fantasy short stories.
  • The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon – The only ‘literary’ title, and I blush to admit I chose it because the protagonist is a male bisexual who works in a brothel.
  • And today, Ian Irvine’s first epic fantasy title from his View from the Mirror series: A Shadow on the Glass – Research, I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Some might ask, why don’t I just borrow from a library? Well, I figured that taking the bus to and from the library would set me back £2.60, so why not just send a book for about £1.23 and get one straight to your mailbox?

Besides, I can swap some of these new books for other titles I might want!

…And this still does not shrink my library any less.



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19 responses to “I Have Been Infected

  1. what. I never even new about this……now I’m wondering if they have that where I live…*runs to go ask the almighty Google bot

  2. Wow! You’ve done very well for so little books. I had to put about seventy on there to get the booksI wanted. But I was more of a taker than a giver. This friend of yours is very astute, and probably built like an Adonis.

  3. What a great idea for these lean economic times. =)

  4. Book-swapping is a great idea, just like swapping albums. A good way to expand and enhance your knowledge.

    Great to meet another Malaysian writer.

  5. THanks and hello too. My reputation precedes me hehheh…

  6. DebE

    Well, thanks for the idea. I have now found the New Zealand Swap Club: http://www.swapclub.co.nz/ Might be worth checking out!

  7. I refuse to google my local book swap site. Absolutely refuse! I’m already in enough trouble with the pile of library books and the even larger pile of paperbacks that somehow find their way from the shelves at work to my room. Fuck.

    You’ll have to share what you think of the first three on that list (Hunger Games, Nightwatch, and Apprentice)! I might have asked before, but have you seen the movie version of Nightwatch? It’s hilariously campy, even if it loses a lot in the English translation.

    • Awwww, refuse? Come to the Dark Side, Luke… 😉

      Heehee, I am looking forward to reading those three books! And what, you haven’t read Apprentice? Wow, my best friend raves about it and I thought everyone had already read it. Phew, glad to know I’m not the only one 😉 I did see the first few minutes of Nightwatch before we got down to the serious business of opening presents (it was Christmas Day at the time ;). Looked interesting so far!

  8. DebE

    I have yet to read ‘Apprentice’, also (in fact, any of the books on your list). We could start a club…

  9. @ CanaryTheFirst – Darnit, another Robin Hobb fan! 😀

    @ DebE – What a fantastic idea! Shall we have a secret milkshake?

  10. DebE

    Mmm milkshake (o:

    I may have to read this “Assassin’s Apprentice”. I have “Shaman’s Crossing”, which didn’t entice to read more…

    • I do want to read her someday! If only because I think it’s important to read all the major authors.

      And apparently Hobb ranted against blogging, mentioning something about how we should be writing our books instead of blogging too much, so I guess I have to cut back 😉

      • DebE

        Ha ha! I must agree with her on that. I usually only blog when I have time to write but am procrastinating from putting my ideas down.

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