A Little Light Reading…

Once again in yet another sign that the universe has a sense of humour, I started packing to move from my temporary flat (long story) to another temporary flat, since the owner wants to rent that one out for the August festival.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the landlady’s friend (with boyfriend and car!) will be helping us transport most of our stuff there. In actual fact, we aren’t moving in until Friday, because broadband is still being installed in the new place.

Uh…right. I’m still a bit eager to see the new flat. Apparently it’s smaller and three floors up in a neighbourhood that’s going to be too far to walk to the charity shop where I volunteer, but still! New place.

So anyway I began packing today, more specifically, I was tackling my books. I knew I had a lot to carry.

*Stares at the small mountain in dismay* Check that. I had a LOT to carry.

How did this happen? I’d actually got rid of some! It’s like they scurried into a corner somewhere to breed. A lot of the books were piled on my bed, a little selection I like to have at hand for those few minutes of bedtime reading.

Some of them are how-to books – writing mysteries and the like. Others are for research, like the ones for Edinburgh, Malaysian forests, feng shui, and some early Earth books for my epic fantasy series.

I notice there are few I read for leisure nowadays, as I simply have no time. That’s a little sad! But still, I find research to be quite fun. Come on, who doesn’t want to read about how we came from fish? 😀

Tis the Season!

Ah, August and September. That time of the year when Edinburgh bursts free like an overeager facehugger to welcome a gazillion tourists onto her streets with open jaws. Festivals will pop up across the land like a juicy scab waiting to be plucked, and by then, I would have hopefully finished revising my first novel!

…As soon as I get down to finishing it. After writing three fantasy articles. And a short story for a competition. And the Edinburgh article.

At least I am finally making progress on the Edinburgh article! I should hopefully be done by tomorrow, and that is an exciting thing. These are exciting times.

Oh and on the job front, no luck with McDonalds. Despite applying for five positions and answering those questionnaires, they didn’t have enough jobs for me. Sometimes I wonder why I waste so much time applying for these things when I could be doing something else. I’m beginning to feel amused at the list of rejections here. First KFC (oh betrayal, thou wert my favourite fastfood outlet!) and now McDs. At least Pizza Hut and Subway haven’t given me the boot yet 😉

Ah well, must keep faith! Next week, I’m sure something will come up next week. They need employees for the festival season, after all. Better get most of my writing commitments done.

Up and atom!



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6 responses to “A Little Light Reading…

  1. My eyes were drawn to the National Geographic issue on Malaysia’s Secret Realm. Looks real interesting. What’s it about? =)

    • It’s a 1997 issue (those were the days!) and presents a colourful if narrow glimpse of Malaysia, then basically segues to lots of pretty pictures of the Kinabatangan rainforest 🙂

  2. Your book pile looks a whole lot more lit-heavy than mine, haha. I’ll take a shot of mine when I get home.

    And yes, yes, they do breed. You let one book into the house, and others follow. Before you know it, it’s an infestation, and there is nothing you can do.

  3. Sara Yori

    Bedtime reading is the best, always have a book handy before I fall asleep. 😛
    By the way, you read some pretty interesting books!

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