Food for Flying, or Day 5 NaNoWriMo

In trying to think of something worthwhile to blog about, a friend suggested I blog about food.

Flying Fox - I took this picture. That girl smiling there? NOTHING like me when it came to be my turn.

I didn’t realise doing NaNoWriMo would involve not just making my 1,700 word count every single day, but writing the Malaysian novel and blogging too! This is such a wild ride – as crazy as the time I thought zooming down a thin rope, legs kicking over a jungle floor while my face rips loose with a Tarzan girly scream, was a great idea. (I was pushed. Honest.)

So, yes! Food. I’ve heard about writers needing mood music while they write (not me, I prefer dead silence when I write, actually), but what about mood food?

As I write this, I have a bag of raisins and nuts at hand. It’s a new addition, and an attempt to be healthier as opposed to the dark chocolate bar I usually keep at hand, along with the occasional bag of chips (crisps, they call it here).

Every once in a while, I’d have a banana or apple, and my desk would usually have a few dishes waiting with puppydog eyes for me to wash them after I’ve decimated breakfast or lunch off them.

Since I go to bed late (around 5am) and wake up around 10am to noon, breakfast usually ends up being lunch as well. There’s no particular food that gets me in the writing mood, as it were.

Probably cake. Which stops me writing. Yes, the whole world can stop for cake.

And then buzzing with sugar, I would peck fingers over the keyboard, letter by letter.

PS. I lost my temper in the kitchens today after again being told to WASH FASTER. Strangely, the nagging cooks left me alone after that. Even more annoying, I got the mountain of dishes done while fueled by plate-clanging female rage. I feel somewhat embarrassed now.  Broken Plate Count for Today: 2.

8550 / 50000 words. 17% done!



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