Fire, or Day 6 NaNoWriMo

I had a weird dream the other night.

I dreamt I was taking a shower next to my laptop (yes, shower) when I accidentally splashed water on it. Smoke curled up from my precious laptop, and I realised it’d caught on fire. I couldn’t put out the tiny flame so I ran around trying to find an fire extinguisher.

When I found the extinguisher, it hit me that I wasn’t sure how to operate it. By the time help arrived, a quarter of my laptop had melted and was spitting sparks and smoke. All I could think about was waiting for it to cool down so I could press the On button; for some reason, I was fairly confident it would turn on, but I was mostly concerned for my DVD drive where the fire had started!

Even as I flitted around with anxiety, the dream part of me was thinking, “Thank God I saved my novels on Google Documents”.

(I wonder if Google pays for dream-related endorsements)

What does the dream mean? That I’m writing too much? That I should learn how to operate a damn extinguisher? That I’m forming an unhealthy attachment to my laptop – the one object I could not live without, my window to the world? The fire in my, er, loins?

Bridget Jones-like Dishwashing Update Ha. After display of female rage, the cooks have left me alone. Then again, this could be because it was Sunday night and the restaurant was dead. I like dead restaurants. Will never, ever, ask for an unnecessary utensil in a restaurant for as long as I live. Broken Plate Count: 0.

Another Update – Tonight was the first night I actually wore my winter coat beneath three layers of shirt. Together with my scarf and winter hat, I must have looked overdressed! Don’t care. Warmwarmwarm. My fingers were nearly too cold to type just now.

10320 / 50000 words. 21% done!

One fifth of the way! Woohoo!



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3 responses to “Fire, or Day 6 NaNoWriMo

  1. You are an entertaining inspiration, Chris!

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