A Bridge at last, or Day 8 NaNoWriMo

A breakthrough in the Malaysian Dark novel!

I finally figured out the scene that bridges where my characters are now, to where they could rush towards the ending. It has taken weeks, months even, of pondering, scowling, pacing and hair-pulling. No matter what I did, nothing felt right. I was in despair.

I was ready to wash my hands of this entire mess! Apparently this is a normal stage for novelists. In the end, what I finally did was tell myself: Let the characters breathe. Let them act as they would in this crazy world you’ve crafted for them. Maybe an answer will come.

Mind you, it is a shaky, rickety bridge, with the most tenuous of supports. But at least it’s a damn crossing good enough for Indiana Jones.

I made my NaNoWriMo word count, and wrote 1,600 words of Malaysian Dark.

A game, a line dance, or video game?

I had another strange dream last night. Which is odd, because I don’t usually have many like those the same week.

I was involved in a massive game, where at least a hundred people were assembled in orderly rows to form a huge square. I got the sense that I was in a large open space, possibly a stadium or obstacle course or even haunted house.

And for some reason, some of us making this invisible square were all boxed within the confines of maze-like corridors resembling a Pac Man arena. Some of these corridors had holes in certain corners.

There was an announcer overseeing the lot of us, and he would yell into a loudspeaker things like, “LEFT! FORWARD! RIGHT! BACK!” And at his instruction we would all move one step left, right, front, back. Every once in a while, people would take a step that sent them disappearing into a hole, like a silver pinball dropping into its target.

One by one, as the game wore on people vanished down these holes, until it was MY turn to fall in. I dropped a short distance to the level below, and a golden neon arrow flared above my head going, “Congratulations! You won!”

And then my dream self would stand aside, feeling somewhat pleased, as the rest of the winners waited for the ones above to fall into the hole so we could all collect our prizes.

The funny thing is? When I woke up, my first thought was, “Eureka! I could start a game like this! It will work! I will make money!”

…I am wondering now if people like being shunted into dubious looking holes as they bingo-line dance for shiny prizes.

Ten-thirty am. A bit later than usual. Time to zzzz!

14052 / 50000 words. 28% done!


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