Third Act, or Day 15 NaNoWriMo

No, your eyes have not deceived you. I don’t have a report for Day 14!

Mostly because I chose to be a bad little writer and take a break, but that’s okay. I made up for it yesterday. So the NaNoWriMo grand total for today is:

25564 / 50000 words. 51% done!

The climax of Malaysian Dark

After 2.5 years – with a Masters course in between – I have finally arrived!

The climatic chapters of my ‘Malaysian supernatural thriller noir’. The pay-off. The motherload. Here is where I see if the hero’s suffering (and mine) has been all worth it.

I had to do a crazy amount of research to get this far. I even flew back to Malaysia to take about a thousand pictures of various locations I might use for the series, including this tourist attraction for my climatic scene, the Sungai Gabai waterfalls.

The pictures and videos, I think, will be invaluable. I just wish I had more time instead of having to rush to leave. But in some ways, a friend was right. I can’t let the research get in the way of the writing. The research will never be done.

Now it’s time to actually mudwrestle the third act to the ground. I’m terribly excited, yet nervous as well. I can only pray I produce a bang instead of a whimper.  But for now…

I’m here, baby. I’m here.

On the bad side…

Argh! I was editing and writing about 500 words of Malaysian Dark when I needed to open the file where I usually put my notes.

Only to realise the latest update of this file was in my laptop that Blue Screened on me last week. This naturally makes me very anxious to pick up the laptop which has been awaiting collection after repair since Sunday.

Apparently the problem had been “bad sectors”, meaning they had to replace the hard drive. They’d promised to transfer data from the old drive to the new one, so I hope my notes file wasn’t among the data that had been corrupted! I’d spent a lot of time describing my villains and abilities in this file, which is why I’m eager to get it back.

I suppose it could be worse, especially if I hadn’t kept the habit of saving a copy of the novel in Google Documents. Heck, Hemingway and T. E. Lawrence lost entire manuscripts. That would really suck. It’s amazing they found the strength to continue writing.

Ugh. Sleep. Job shift tonight. Cheers!

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