Day 0: London

Damn, London is wet.

But the air is cool and refreshing on top of a moving bus! In Malaysia, you’d be promptly baked in two seconds if you were to try this under the blazing sun.

Why would anyone sit and look at London through the rain-blurred glass of a window? I’m beginning to wonder if the water here has stripped the tourists of their sense of adventure…or if it’s simply that I am a loon.

Tomorrow, Paris.



Filed under Leisure, Malaysia

8 responses to “Day 0: London

  1. Those rooftop bus tours are awesome! Hope you had a good time! Have a great trip to Paris!

  2. Lucky! London is so very far from New Zealand, but perhaps I’ll make it over one day … Hope the weather picks up.

  3. You were in London and you didn’t come and visit me? :O hehe x

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